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Can An Underwear Brand Look Cute And Save The World?

Today’s Killer Startup: Naja



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Elevator Pitch:

Naja is luxury-level underwear and swimwear at affordable prices that support working mothers in Colombia.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My boyfriend recently got a whole bunch of boxers from MeUndies and I was super jealous. They’re priced well, are available in great colors, and they’re so, so soft. I was like, “Where are the awesome, original, well-priced underwear for the ladies? Why am I stuck with shit from Victoria’s Secret??”


(Note: I know that MeUndies makes stuff for the ladies, but it’s just not my style.)


Well, today I found the answer to that question. Naja is a premium lingerie brand that makes totally wearable underwear, bras, and swimwear that comes in awesome designs on premium fabrics. If you don’t immediately fall in love with their designs (and you will), the fact that a portion of every purchase you make goes to help support the Golondrinas Foundation – which runs Naja’s entrepreneurial sewing program for women in Colombia – definitely will.


Oh, and if you order a bra? It comes with a hand sewn lingerie bag that was made by a woman employed through Naja’s Underwear for Hope program, which helps single mothers earn more money for their families.


But let’s get back to the underwear.


One of the things that’s awesome about being a grown up woman is pretty underwear. However, one of the things that’s NOT awesome is how much it costs. The other is that it’s usually hella uncomfortable.


Naja’s lingerie is made from handpicked Prima Peruvian cotton for that super-soft feel – except for the ones that are saving the environment by being made from recycled plastic bottles. They also use nylon instead of polyester for all of their lace.


Design-wise, these underwear are original and sexy without being so sexy that you couldn’t wear them every day. Oh and the bras? They cost less than $80, even this adorable pop art one:





Support working moms and look super cute while doing it in #lingerie from @naja!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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