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Youzign Is Saving Startup Founders Thousands Of Dollars

Today’s Killer Startup: Youzign




Elevator Pitch:

Youzign makes it incredibly easy for digital independents and small business owners to create marketing graphics.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Good design is important, but good design can also be really expensive. Bootstrapping startups usually don’t have the funds to pay for a top of the line designer, and yet the design of a site can make or break a startup. What’s a founder to do? Go with a janky, amateur design? Kill their runway by breaking the bank on a pro?


Nope. They should check out Youzign.


Youzign is a brand new site that makes it super easy to create beautiful designs for everything from marketing products to ebooks to social media pages, to name just a few. Its simple drag and drop design means that it’s faster than trying to, say, learn Adobe all by yourself and it’s totally free to get started, followed by only $14.99 a month.


What’s that, you say? Youzign saves founders both money and time?


That’s right. The two things that founders have the least of.


The site launched just four weeks ago and already has more than 12,000 users. It boasts over 720,000 images and hundreds of templates, so startups ranging from photo apps to medical companies can find the right fit for their look.


“We built Youzign because we saw how complicated it was for business owners to create consistent marketing graphics for their brand,” founder and CEO Bertrand Diouly Osso told KillerStartups. “Where designers are too expensive and Photoshop out of reach, Youzign provides the perfect solution with over 20+ built-in preset formats and corresponding templates to get anyone started in minutes.”


Do you have a great idea but a kind of crap design? Are you struggling to figure out what your “look” should be but can’t afford a professional designer yet? Or maybe you have some design experience yourself but just want a way to get everything done quicker. If you see yourself in any of those descriptions, hop on Youzign and get started with your free trial today.



Got a great #startup idea but no idea how to #design it? Want to save $$? @youzign makes it all so easy.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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