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UpViral – A Referral System That Makes Marketing Truly Work For Anyone

Triggered emails, split-tests of multiple lead-magnet pages, referral links, incentivizing… It doesn’t take long before marketing begins to feel complicated and unmanageable.


There are a lot of factors for any business or marketer to take into account when putting together a campaign.


For anyone looking for a great place to start, check out UpViral. Brace yourselves though, you will be exposed to clear, simple and honest marketing talk. The explainer video will make referral marketing so intelligible, you’ll ask yourself why everyone doesn’t implement a similar strategy.


Good question.


Of course, UpViral spent a long time developing and testing the platform to make viral marketing a winning – and affordable! – tool available to anyone looking for help. UpViral knows how to place the right incentives in front of an audience to spark sharing. Regardless if you’re interested in offering a giveaway, running a contest or promotional campaign, they’ll help you execute from beginning to end and achieve great results.


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At its core, UpViral fuses the power of recommendations with the efficiency of automation to generate leads in huge numbers. How does 20,000 leads in 14 days sound? 100,000 new subscribers the first month? UpViral talks the talk and walks the walk. They have all the metrics you number crunchers would care to ask for, at your disposal.


Leads, conversions – UpViral produces results. And get this: a yearly plan costs less than a dollar a day. That’s the equivalent of a triple dog dare to find a product that will work better at such a low cost. (You won’t find one.) If you want to save yourself loads of cash and time, you’ll pass on the ad agencies and investigate more here.


Remember how Dropbox took off? UpViral likes to use that company as an example of how they help clients to harness the power of viral marketing. Again, Dropbox is a remarkable straightforward example of how referrals simply work to grow business.


There’s a knee-jerk reaction to look for the catch when something seems too easy to be true, but there aren’t any gimmicks in play here. History, numbers and testimonials are all on UpViral’s side. No matter what size business you have, UpViral will draw customers and boost sales.


Why shell out for paid traffic or a social marketing guru, when UpViral presents an option that allows your customers to grow your business more naturally for you, with increased chances of people sticking around? Learn how you can tap into the power of viral marketing by heading to


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