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Touchjet Turns Walls Into Touchscreens

The small screen is amazing. Tablets and smartphones let us take our work (and play) with us wherever we go. The mobility they grant us is extraordinary. Be honest though, wouldn’t you still rather work on a large screen if it transported just as easily?



I know I would. Give me a chance to open an app on my desktop or Android phone, and I’m going to choose the desktop unless I’m on the move and doing so just isn’t an option. And I know I’m not alone. Is it asking to have your cake and eat it to by wanting the freedom of small devices but larger screens to work with?


“No!”  Touchjet says convincingly.


touchjet landing


The Touchjet Pond is a small handheld projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen. How cool is that? It works wirelessly with your Android smartphone, so you don’t have to haul around any additional equipment or become entangled in wires. Instead, it functions like an interactive PC that projects an 80’’ display on any flat surface.


My neighbors recently wasted hours attempting to project the Super Bowl onto an exterior wall of our apartment building, so that they could simultaneously enjoy Mardi Gras and the championship. (Gotta love New Orleans) Touchjet Pond would have made their project so much easier.


Of course, the ability to project not just a screen but an interactive screen, makes the Touchjet Pond an incredible tool for classrooms, people giving presentations – people looking to Skype and see each other better. A simple stylus allows users to navigate the screen, download apps, not to mention avoid some of the frustrations of trying to accurately push tiny buttons.


For those looking to do more with their TV screen, The Touchjet Wave turns any smartTV into a touchscreen. This gives businesses a dynamic screen for collaborations and presentations – may the whiteboard always be with you!


Pocket-sized tech, large touchscreens. Looks like a winning combination (wildly successful Indiegogo campaigns show that plenty of others think so too.)


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Author : Keith Liles

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