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Tasty Startups: Noshi Food Paint Inspires Kids To Grab Fruit & Veggies

Tasty Startups: Noshi


noshi kids


The Craving it Satisfies

Food paint that’ll get kids to eat – healthy food!


Why it has a winning recipe

You’d think that with the way kids start out by putting everything in their mouths that they’d scarf down anything put on their plates, but it’s soooo tough to get them to eat.


Play, on the other hand, kids are always up for that – including during mealtimes. Making them stop is one of the many challenges of coaxing (forcing) them to eat.


Well, everyone’s day is about to become a lot brighter. Parents, you’ll have to rewire you’re brains slightly, but you’ll find mealtimes much less stressful by encouraging your kids to play with their food.


Yes, that is printed correctly. Kids, play with your food!


What might sound initially like madness makes perfect sense if you put Noshi in the hands of your children. Noshi is food paint, edible color made of organic fruit and vegetable purees.


Noshi food paints come in pouches that kids can squeeze easily over their pancakes or any other dish – or straight into their mouths – turning meals into a fun, colorful extension of playtime. Eat the rainbow? At last something that won’t take any convincing to try.



The food paints are sold in packs of six colors, much like crayons. Kids can decorate and eat in green (pea), orange (carrot), purple (beet), yellow (mango), red (strawberry) and blue (apple). A seaweed that produces an all natural dye gives the apple its blue hue, for those curious.


It seems a law of nature that the healthier the food, the less attractive it is to kids. Fruit and vegetables with no added sugar, salt or preservatives? What could very well be used by a mad scientist as the base for a child repellent, Noshi rather ingeniously disguises as paint, exciting kids to quite literally pick up healthy eating habits while entertaining themselves.


The hardest task for adults now might be sharing Noshi with their children – a squeezable, nutritious bite ain’t a bad dinner option for the exhausted parent.


The Noshi family currently has a Kickstarter campaign going to help finance an initial production run. July 4th is the deadline to contribute. Help them set off celebratory fireworks by making a pledge or sharing their project – and hand both parents and kids a few more dollops of independence at mealtime.



Now this is how you get kids to listen to their parents: Tommy, play with your food! @Noshiforkids


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