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SceneDoc Builds An Airtight Case For Mobile Use In Law Enforcement

To protect and to serve and to file and to file and to file… Huh?


No law enforcement officer ever signs up for the job because of the opportunity to sit at a desk and complete massive amounts of paperwork. Yet, everyone involved in public safety loses precious hours because of old school practices – taking notes in the field then filling out forms then issuing reports then…


No more.


SceneDoc is a smartphone & tablet-based platform that helps law enforcement and public safety personnel do their jobs faster and better. It’s a mobile tool for conducting investigations smarter and managing documentation more seamlessly.



SceneDoc landing



Instead of breaking out the ‘ole pen and notepad, officers can use their mobile device to take pictures and add notes, make videos, record statements, even map out a crime scene. Since information is backed up in the cloud, it’s kept organized and can be shared or retrieved much more easily – even synced for real-time reporting so that authorities can coordinate responses swiftly.


Documents converted to scroll on the small screen allow agents to complete paperwork when entering information the first time. This eliminates redundant steps and formats information in a way that’s practical for all parties that will require access. What’s more, prompts within the app ensure that all necessary information is gathered, that protocols are followed (guaranteeing that evidence can be used later), and that work is done safely.



While organizations may configure SceneDoc so that it best compliments procedures already in place, another benefit of the software is that it establishes consistent practices for writing up incidents, whether they be traffic accidents or major crimes. Secure and accurate data collection lets everyone do their job more efficiently.


Co-founder Alex Kottoor adds, “We feel privileged to be redefining how our friends in law enforcement do their work … we all have families and kids, and if we can tighten up the documentation process that these folks do every day, we all stand to gain from that.”


Any startup founders out there that question the wisdom of listening to your customers should take note of SceneDoc. Early on, Alex and co-founder Adrian Bubalo were focused on building an annotated photo app – essentially an Instagram designed for business processes rather than social sharing. For Blackberry.


A deputy director of a federal law enforcement agency happened to sign up as an early user. He thought the $2 app had the foundation to support a field system for processing crime scenes, which he’d been searching for high and low. As Alex told it to KillerStartups, they managed to leverage the brainpower and expertise of their unexpected partner (a teacher “at one of those places in Virginia with a 3-letter acronym”) into becoming an enterprise software company that provides solutions in an overlooked niche.


Hard work and such adaptability contributed to SceneDoc recently locking up a $4M investment, led by iGan Partners along with Motorola Solutions Venture Capital and other angel investors. Be afraid, troublemakers – communication between officers, dispatchers, command centers and other law enforcement agencies is about to become a lot better.


Eager to bring the “public safety’s trusted digital notebook” to your workforce? Want to learn more about how SceneDoc is transforming crime scene investigation? Check out


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