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One Group Messaging App To Conquer Them All

Today’s Killer Startup: Group Text+



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Elevator Pitch

Group Text+ is the easy way to send out group text messages.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

One of my least favorite things to do is coordinate medium-to-large groups of people. It was a frustrating process before Facebook and smartphones and now with all of these increased ways to communicate, it’s somehow even worse.


The old expression “herding cats” doesn’t even begin to cover how annoying the process can be – I think “wrangling shooting stars” may be more appropriate. However, apps like Group Text+ make the whole process just a little easier.


The app uses iMessage and SMS, so you don’t have to convince your family, friends, and co-workers to add yet another messaging service to their phones. It’s a visually-based service that lets you add different combinations of contacts, groups, photos, images or gifs, text, and even your current location.


Group Text+ makes things super easy for you by letting you create set groups to send messages to (think “Family,” or “Clubbing Crew”), save certain messages that you send frequently, and quickly let folks know where you are.


For friend and close family groups, the gif option lets you pull funny gifs directly from Giphy, adding a little playfulness to your messages. However, Group Text+ also helps you take care of those annoying but necessary texts like “be there soon” and “I’m on my way” by letting you customize and save your own messages so that you don’t have to waste time typing them out every single time you’re running late.


Tired of wrangling shooting stars every time you’re just trying to organize a dinner party or get a few folks together for a nigh on the town? Stop sending messages on a million different and apps and start getting everyone together in Group Text+.



You only need one messenger – #GroupText+ by @Contrast – when you’re trying to get a group together. #partyplanner


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Author : Emma McGowan

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