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If You Find Yourself Talking Back To The TV, Rabble Is For You

Have you ever found yourself yelling back at the sports broadcaster when your favorite team is playing? Or cringing at the commentary on popular awards shows? If you answered “Yes!” to either of those, then Rabble is the startup for you.



Rabble is a new, social way to experience television. It invites users to create their own audio broadcasting for shows or sports games that they like. Founder Glenn Hopper took some time to chat with KillerStartups about how Rabble works – and why it’s the best. Check it out!


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I have to say, Rabble is the first company of its kind that I’ve run into. Can you tell me what a typical user experience looks like?

We have two user tracks: Broadcasters and Listeners.


Broadcasters schedule a live, streaming broadcast to correspond with the game or TV show they want to announce and share that broadcast with their friends and followers on our site or other social media sites. When their show or game starts, they mute their television, turn on the mic and start broadcasting. Sports fans can provide alternate audio broadcasts for their favorite teams. And on the television/movie side, they may provide audio augmentation for the show they are announcing (e.g. live award shows like the Oscars or Grammy Awards shows or their favorite reality TV show).


Listeners tune into these alternate audio broadcasts via their computer or mobile device. They may come to Rabble because they were invited to a specific broadcast or they may find programming through a sports picker or TV guide or through the most popular broadcasts on the site. The community interacts with the broadcasters and each other through message boards on the broadcast, game or show pages, or through social groups called “troops.”


All content on the site is community-filtered. Users up- or down-vote content, which is sorted on the site using our popularity algorithm.


And what does your typical user look like?

Rabble was created for sports and television fans. We believe our greatest opportunities lie in the sports arena, where passionate fans are looking for broadcasters who know their teams and are more passionate than national network announcers. The sports market is primarily males between the ages of 25 and 40.


On the television side, our target market skews more toward reality and event television viewers. This audience is interested in red carpet fashion critiques and commentary on popular television shows. This commentary could range from MST3K-style “riffing” on bad movies to former American Idol contestants providing insider commentary on current episodes of the show.


Why are you better than all the other companies in your market?

We are very confident in our streaming technology and technical design, but our true differentiator is the social part of the Rabble experience. Unlike others in this space, we don’t audition or qualify our broadcasters. We let anyone with the desire and a microphone broadcast any show or game they want; and we leave it to the community to determine what’s good or isn’t. Our core focus is Audio Democracy.


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