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Find The Tiny House Of Your Dreams With Live Simple

Today’s Killer Startup: Live Simple



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Elevator Pitch:

Live Simple is a real estate site listing tiny houses (and spaces) for sale and rent.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I love tiny houses. I even lived in a very small one (if not exactly tiny) in a community called Blowing in the Wind on the coast of Chile. I shared two rooms, a galley kitchen, and a bathroom with my friend Carolina and our two cats. While the small space definitely was hard at times, there’s something to be said for a place that takes like, fifteen minutes to clean, top to bottom.




There’s also something to be said for the environmentally friendly nature of tiny houses, which not only use fewer resources to build but also encourage their inhabitants to consume much, much less. Everything from heating costs to the simple amount of stuff that you can actually fit into a tiny house is exponentially less than that of a normal-sized house.


Live Simple is the real estate site for people who are dreaming of burning down the McMansions in their town and replacing them with something prettier and more sustainable. Or, you know, just people who love tiny houses. The site lists houses for sale, some of which are on wheels and some of which are going to have to stay where they are – and all of which are unique, artsy, and amazing. To be honest, I can’t even delve that deep into the offerings on this site because they are so awesome and adorable that I wouldn’t get anything else done today.


This super kitschy caravan, for example, could convince me to give up four-wall living in heart beat.


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Oh, and another awesome thing about tiny houses? They’re so cheap when you compare them to the price of full-sized houses. The ones on Live Simple go as low as $20k, which is a fraction of what it would cost you to buy a big house.


And if you’re interested in trying out the tiny house life before committing to buying one of your own, Live Simple also has tiny houses that can be rented by the night. Could be a cozy, awesome romantic getaway, don’t you think?



Do you LOVE #tinyhouses?? You’re going to die for @letslivesimple


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Author : Emma McGowan

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