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Wallpost.comReleasing a social networking site today is a bold move. You know you will be competing against Facebook ? a company that has just been valued at $ 50 billion, no less. And you might try to be as encompassing as you can, but the truth is that Facebook more or less does everything a social site should do. There is not a lot of ground to break.


This site proves it. Named Wallpost, it is a social network in which people can create photo albums and have them shared with everybody (or with whomever they want), as well as posting videos and updating their statuses. And all the photos that are uploaded can be embedded all over the Web afterwards.

That is nothing new or different. Something that catches my eye, on the other hand, is that users of Wallpost are provided with statistical data of all the activity that is going on with their profiles. Anybody can learn who has seen which album/photo, and how frequently his profile is being visited. That is something original, but not something a vast majority of people who are on Facebook would welcome. They like their activity to remain unseen, and that is a fact. Still, Wallpost must be commended for bringing such a feature in. Were not for it, the site would be completely unremarkable. In Their Own Words

Share your memories and stay connected.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Being able to see who has been visiting your profile is interesting from a conceptual point of view.

Some Questions About

Will people really choose this over Facebook?


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