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When you search for entertaining information about celebrities from the Phillipines, is a portal stuffed with a lot of information about the entertainment industry from that country. The domain stands for Phillipine Entertainment Portal, and that’s just what it is.

The webpage has a lot of sections to let you know everything about famous actors and other stars and artists, such as singers, models or anyone who has been (or is) under the media spotlight. All kind of gossip will be found here for you to be up to date on everything that happens in those people’s lives. Where do they travel to, marriages, new relationships or break-ups, latest signings for new jobs, are issues covered by You will also see interviews and thorough articles which add to the stripped news coverage.

But the site goes farther than the usual gossip content about love life or  dresses weared by celebs on special occasions. There is a whole section titled “Hobbies“, that tells readers about the preferred activities the stars choose to do in their spare time, showing in this way the more humane part of celebs. Whether taking photographs, running motocross races or cooking, you’ll get to know the less known detailed about famous people.

You will find very useful the “Guide” menu, which gives you a complete agenda of shows which you can go to, and which covers movies, cinema, indie, music and theater. “Multimedia”  is where you’ll see videos and photographs. At the time of this review, for example, Rachel Weisz appears arriving to Manila to shoot some scenes for The Bourne Legacy.

For keeping you informed about show-biz, Pep offers a variety of mobile apps to carry in your smart phone, no matter what device or OS you are using. You can get a news reader, have the headlines delivered through sms if you can’t connect to the internet, or get just the more relevant news each weekend. In Their Own Words

The same folks who brought you YES! magazine now welcome you again to Philippine showbizlandia. Enter the gateway to showbiz news, updates, and controversies.

Why It Might Be A Killer provides a good deal of fun by informing about the lives of stars, but unlike similar sites, this one has a great amount of sections that take the information to a more significant lever, both in quality and quantity.

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