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Cluuz.comUnlike today’s standard search engines that work by essentially giving you results based on tags but with little intuition or ability to link similar things, Cluuz actually understands the relationship between people, concepts, places and things. This ability to make intelligent connections is one of the major factors contributing to the hype surrounding this new engine.


Also of interest, and separating Cluuz from the standard, is the way that it actually peers into webpages, extracts important items, and clusters them in chart form (semantic graph). This functionality gives you far more control over your search and the ability to zero in on exactly what you were searching for in just seconds. In Their Own Words

“Cluuz is a next generation search engine that returns better results then traditional engines by going beyond simply listing links. Cluuz patent pending, core technology understands the relationship between the entities, terms, or persons searched leading to more relevant, easy to understand search results.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It wasn’t that long ago that Google started its ascent but it might be time for some new players to start grabbing at its coat tails. Cluuz simply does a better job at search than google and if success is based on merit alone, then look for Cluuz to be a real Google killer.

Some Questions About

Is their advertising engine built yet and if so, will it mirror the Google model? Are people too used to the Google search engine to consider switching over to a radically new product?


Author : Caroline Bright

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