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Chordie.comMusic lovers who play guitar, or who want to learn how to play it, have a good resource at The page offers guitar tabs, guitar chords and song lyrics from a really complete list of artists.


The simple menu at gives six options to get all the resources for guitar playing. “Songs” and “Artists” are two indexes for searching a particular song or all the tunes of a specific artist. The catalogue is quite complete, and includes tabs for not so popular artists such as the British rock band Small Faces or the pre-sixties group the Searchers, who are from Liverpool, just like the Beatles. Of course, the lists of the most popular artists have more songs than those who are less known, but the important thing is that you will find those obscure musicians that are not often on the spotlight.

The search is designed in a simple but efficient way. For example, if you are looking for songs by artist, some bands have album covers beside the list. This does not happen with every artist included, but you will find it to be a helpful tool anyway.

Public books, on the other hand, are classified by theme or by difficulty level. An example of the first case is Campfire songs, or Country & Western, whereas according to the level of the player, you can find Absolute beginner and Easy songs.

If you become a registered user on the site, you will be able to create and save your own songbook. Later on you could print them all together and have your own personal book with your favourite tunes. To get to know more about guitar playing, a list of links to other websites with the same topic can be found in the Resources option from the menu.

You will not instantly become a music star by using, but for sure you will get very good help there. In Their Own Words

Chordie works like a search engine (like Google, Yahoo etc), and I did not transcribe any of the songs myself. Chordie is my personal hobby project that I did because I was learning to play the guitar and to program at the same time. It is an experiment, not a commercial service. No one is working on the project full time.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because is a webpage created by an amateur guitar player, it will make you feel more at home in comparison to other websites if you are a beginner.

Some Questions About

How often is the site updated with news and added material?


Author : Irene Davids

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