search cancel – Military Community is a program of the Department of Defense dedicated to showing support and contacting military men and women of the U.


S. Armed Forces deployed around the globe and their families. lists more that 300 different non-profit groups that focus on helping service men and women and their families in different areas: from financial assistance to care packages and letters to assistance to wounded soldiers. Since it’s an official program of the Department of Defense they can’t accept donations, however, as you check out the groups listed you can contact them and show your support by donating. Furthermore, you can visit the “How Can I Help?” section of the site where you’ll be shown what can you do to assist the troops. It’s not necessarily money; it can be phone cards, gift certificates, letters, donate your Frequent Flyer miles so the troops can meet their families, etc. You can get your organization or business linked to the program by simply contacting by phone or email.


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