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TapWalk.comTapWalk is a new mobile service that leverages GPS technology like few services before have ever done, and that can connect people with their surroundings in a very wholesome way. It is all based on the correct premise that (when they are on the go) people want to know more about the places they find themselves in first of all. That is, people who use their smartphones when they are out and about want to know more about their surroundings more than anything else. Hence, TapWalk was born – a mobile branded app for interacting with what one has nearby first and foremost.


In commercial terms, this is a service that can connect customers with the venues they are visiting in a way that is more effective and far, far fruitful for everybody. Customers can learn more about specials and deals right as they are being announced. And when it comes to events such as exhibitions and conferences, TapWalk should make for having quicker access to relevant events and activities. These are all possible uses. The technology has just become available, we will have to wait and see in which direction everything is taken by those who decide to implement it. In Their Own Words

TapWalk connects people with their immediate surroundings. Just as we browse the web with our browser, we can now browse the world with TapWalk on our mobile phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

When it comes to events, something like TapWalk should be enough to replace paper maps with information that can be delivered on the palm of the hands of attendees. And as far as businesses go, the advantages a service like this one can have are obvious – customers will be drawn in more quickly, and they will be the kind of customers who are more likely to make an actual purchase at that.

Some Questions About

Will it become a widely-used platform? What can keep that from happening?


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