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IWanado.itWhat do you do when you move into a new neighborhood, and there seems to be no people around who share your same hobbies? Well, the first sensible thing to do would be to find out if there’s really no more people like you where you are. It’s not hard when you have an app like IWanado installed on your iPhone or iPad. This new application lets you search for people who have your very same interests and hobbies, and really get to know whether or not you’re on your own.


In case you’re indeed alone, then you’ve got a real problem in your hands. But if there’s more people like you where you’ve moved into, then IWanado will let you get in touch with them. You’ll be able to create events and activities, and start building bonds with that people until you feel as if you had known each other all your life.

And an app like IWanado is also going to be useful for those of you who haven’t moved anywhere, but who just don’t have anything exciting to do for the weekend. Just a quick search should let you find cool people to hang out with, and have some real good fun. In Their Own Words

iWanado is an iPhone & iPad app that helps people with same passions to get together to do what they like to do.

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Is IWanado coming to other mobiles? Or is it remaining an iOS-only application?


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