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BlogUpp.comBlogUpp offers free advertising for your blog, provided it’s with quality content. The catch, if you want to call it that, is that BlogUpp reserves 1 impression out of 10 for itself, so that for each 10 unique community impressions your blog displays, it gets shown on other blogs 9 times.


And everyone gets bonus impressions from the start. Hence you get free advertising in exchange for giving a little love to other bloggers (who will be doing you the same courtesy). All in all, it’s very easy to setup, as there is no registration required, and no account is needed. Only blogs that are related to yours get advertised on your own blog. BlogUpp reads your RSS feeds regularly to insure that you’re only hooked up with like blogs, and shares your article along with the snapshot of the blog. WordPress platform is supported as well. In Their Own Words

“Got your own blog? Cool!

Wanna boost its visibility? Sure!

Here’s the easiest, the smartest and most effective way to it, which has the best of any link exchange or banner exchange service, and more”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BlogUpp is an incredibly simple ad tool for bloggers community – unlike trad ad networks, you needn’t even register; BlogUpp will give you an embed code after you give it your blog URL, nothing more required. Your blog gets advertised on relevant sites, you get wider coverage and forge new connections.

Some Questions About

How effective is BlogUpp? Will they provide analytics tools so that subscribers can actually tell if it’s worth their time? How fitting are the matches that BlogUpp makes?


Author : Siri Marshall

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