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Woot is a daily deals website where you can get items from top brands at massively-discounted prices. Just like GroupOn and LivingSocial, really. But is an interesting alternative, if only because the deals are so cleverly presented and arranged.


Each and every deal is introduced with a text that’s both short and extremely witty, and the site has got eight main product categories. These are “Home”, “Sport”, “Kids”, “Shirt”, “Wine”, “Sellout”, “Deals” and “Local”. You can see what’s new on each of these on Woot’s homepage, and you can also sign up for email updates, and have the latest deals delivered straight to you.

Besides, the site includes lots of community features like weekly video podcasts (“wootcasts”), along with polls that are often connected with what’s being offered at the moment. And the company has also got a lively blog, in which news are announced and products discussed. All in all, the ones who’ve created know how to keep an audience truly engaged.

Registration to the site is free. You can sign up for your own account and become a “Wooter” by following this link, and entering some basic information like your name and your e-mail address. And you can also make it clear which kind of products you’re interested in from the word go, so that will always know which deals to tell you about.


Author : Jason Taylor

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