search cancel – Fast Food Service is a company specializing in the design of high tech multimedia equipment for the foodservice industry.


The unique concept developed by Mediox effectively allows restaurant operators to move the multimedia content to each individual client’s tray. Placing the multimedia content in the hands of each client permits user-based feedback through interactive features, enabling one-to-one target marketing. Company’s key product, SmartTray, an advanced multimedia-enabled food service tray, is a wide-reach advertising product that the company has created for the foodservice industry. This technology is projected to deliver $10 billion in content revenue while allowing advertisers to reach over 30 million customers per day. The founders of the company have a patent pending in the United States for both a product and a method of content delivery. In Their Own Words

“Mediox was founded in 2006 by two businessmen, Roman Kyrychynskyi and Alex Zhavoronkov. Together, they have developed an innovative product and vehicle for marketing in the consumer foodservice industry: a multimedia food service tray that is capable of delivering customized content and advertising and which could also provide interactive gaming and revenue-generating functionality.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are 40 million fast food restaurant visitors buying fast food every day. If this audience can be targeted with dedicated multimedia ads, this service could be as big as Google or Youtube. Mediox also allows customized coupons to be displayed and transferred to restaurant visitors’ cell phones, essentially turning the tray into a sales mechanism.

Some Questions About

What restaurant chains would be ideal for a pilot run? What are the best post-seed venture capitalists for this venture?


Author : Charly Zaks

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