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Lingq.comFeel like picking up Portuguese? Lingq allows you to learn languages, on your own time. The site claims to teach users to “learn like a child” by surrounding students with vocabulary and situations that matter to them.


One interesting exercise includes reading texts with an audio voiceover from a native speaker. Any words that the student is not familiar with can be clicked through, and lingq provides a dictionary. Members can also arrange for tutors, have their writing corrected, and use a flash card function. The cost of services range from free (for 5 lessons) to $79/ month for the premium edition. In Their Own Words

“LingQ breaks down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages. We LingQ (“link”) you to a world of authentic content and an online community of learners and native speaker tutors. We LingQ you to our powerful tools and resources. (We don’t LingQ you to classrooms, text books and grammar rules.)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

After testing out the site’s services, it really is the best online language-learning site I have used. Everything is linked together in a meaningful manner, and they really focus on long-term commitment to memory and the idea of repetition, in addition to relevant contextual texts, to get students to learn the language. Moreover, the prices that they are charging are very reasonable.

Some Questions About

Can there be a way to test in to the language level? They automatically place users in a beginning level, but if there are a limited number of assignments and users are uncertain of their fluency level, it may be beneficial to give them a general idea of where they lay.


Author : Mery Fisher

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