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Feedvisor.comIf you’re an online retailer and you want to ensure that you’re providing competitive prices all around the clock, then you would be hard-pressed to find a service more useful than this one. Feedvisor is a tool that can take care of looking at the prices your competitors are charging for any product, and then adjust the prices that you’re charging yourself, in a wholly automated way. All you have to do is define the price range per product that applies for Feedvisor to move within these boundaries.


From a technical point of view, this is done by using a price algorithm that is similar to the one emploed in the financial industry for tracking the rise and fall of stocks.

A service like Feedvisor is admirable in the sense that it frees retailers from the endless task of comparing the prices their competitors are charging all by themselves, and then changing their very own in order to put up a competitive performance. Now, they’ll be able to start focusing on other aspects such as the actual designs of their stores, or building up new (and more meaningful) partnerships. In Their Own Words

Feedvisor is a leading fully automated re-pricing platform for e-commerce marketplaces such as

Feedvisor’s highly scalable cloud based technology continuously analyzes competitive offerings and applies the best possible pricing strategies to increase sales, prevent price wars and optimize profitability.

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What technology is used in order to pull this off?


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