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Nooch.comA service that was created in order to avoid using costly ATMs, Nooch stands as a P2P transfer system which allows you to have money sent to any friend using just your mobile phone. If anything, the whole system is singled out by how easy it is to be used. All you need in order to have money sent through it the contact information for your recipient (IE, the name of the person). He (or she) is not even required to have an active Nooch account in order to receive the money. The person is receiving it the moment you have it put his/her way.


And it dawns on you how practical Nooch is when you learn how much is charged for using the service. Basically, signing up costs nothing. There are no maintenance fees, and no withdrawal fees. All you will be charged is 25 cents each time you send money, regardless of how much you are sending, and to whom. The aim of Nooch is clearly let users send money fast, and without anything getting on the way of the actual transfer. And it is an aim it achieves in every sense. In Their Own Words

Spread the wealth.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for sending money to just whomever you want in a way as simple of individualizing who the person is using your phone. He/she will get the money on the spot.

Some Questions About

Which mobile apps are going to be released next?


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