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Dottunes.netIf you are a professional music lover, Dottunes is the right place for you. It is very easy to use and apart from iTunes there is no additional software needed.


Here you will be able to publish any number of artists, albums, playlists or even your entire iTunes music library, then listen to your music by your web browser, Sony PSP or web enabled phone. Be able to stream your tracks to your website or MySpace page. Be able to get your music from anywhere and at anytime. Share your music with others but be able to make it more secure, by creating user names and passwords which allow each user to listen only to the playlists which you specify. If you want to exchange words with other Dottunes fellows, click on their blog option and just do it. In Their Own Words

“The DOT.TUNES team is a tight group of professional musicians, software developers and music lovers who thrive on getting things done as simply and effectively as possible. Like most great inventions, DOT.TUNES was borne out of necessity when our producers asked: How can I get my original compositions and works-in-progress to my collaborators?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Dotttunes is a great tool to share your iTune library with friends and family around the world. Be able to use it as a remote control, just become a user of Dottunes and be able to control the music in your house via any computer, PDA, web enabled mobile phone and others. in addition, if you want to know how it works they provide you with a free 15 day trial application.

Some Questions About

If you want to be registered in, you may have to pay a minimum amount; will people be interested in paying for this service?


Author : Charly Zaks

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