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KeyVault.netIt’s blatantly obvious that when it comes to protecting your passwords and similar information the utmost care should be taken. Sending such data over e-mail has a number of inherent risks that can’t be overlooked.


Not only can your information be intercepted in transit, but your inbox could be compromised and all the passwords you have can be read by other eyes and put to bad use.

KeyVault is a solution that intends to address these issues. In general terms, what the application does is to enable you to send private information using the same secure system that is employed on credit card transactions over the Net.

This service is actually inexpensive, and it is accomplished in a straightforward way. You key in the information you wish to send and the relevant e-mail address. Security options are likewise provided, and you can request that the information you are sending be deleted after a certain period of time, or as soon at is viewed. Moreover, a “shared word” system can be used as a way of implementing a password for accessing the data. In Their Own Words

“We let you send any private info using the same secure systems you see on credit card transactions. For free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical tool that provides additional security when it comes to sensitive information.

Some Questions About

Can I have a “secure word” system that actually includes several words for additional security?


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