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Alianzo.comAlianzo is a social network for bloggers where you can add your social information together with the blogs that you mange. You can also say you follow other people’s blogs.


Besides, it ranks blogs according to their data: Technorati links, Google links, Digg links, Yahoo links, Alexa, Google Blogsearch links and Bloglines subscribers. The algorithm they use is not static and it is improving in order to provide the best results. If you think a certain blog should be in the top, don’t doubt to submit it into the site. Final inclusion is filtered in order to avoid spam. In Their Own Words

“We believe in the self-publishing phenomenon represented by blogging but we also think we must help people find the most focused blogs among the long tail of new media. Once you know which blogs are the most important in your region or subject of interest, you can surely decide to follow them on a daily basis.
Popularity tops do exist for every media. They are used in order to help people and advertisers decide which books, music, films, newspapers or TV shows are the most followed. So why don’t use the same for blogs?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite new as a concept and is another niche social network.

Some Questions About

Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going?


Author : Liam Gray

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