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Amvona is a blog that deals with technology, investments, economics and faith. It’s name comes from the Greek word for “Pulpit”, and (when it was started way back in 1999) Amvona was a hybrid e-commerce and social networking platform. Its creator (American entrepreneur Gregory M. Lemelson) conceived the site as a place where people could buy a wide range of photo accessories, which were also manufactured by the company. A blog was added to in 2009, and on April 2010 the company stopped operating as a retailer of photo-related products, and Amvona became a full-on blog.


And as of the time of writing this, Amvona is as active and popular as it ever has been. The key to the blog’s popularity might as well be the way in which its articles are constantly updated. That is, if you ever read a post about any entrepreneur or company which you really like, then you know you’ll be able to see how that person or business have been doing if you check the site again later.

And the design of the blog also helps a lot, with posts that are focused on the actual content. All the writing is topnotch, and there’s just the right number of images to spice things up without being distracting.


Author : Siri Marshall

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