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WebReader.ReadSpeaker.comPresented by the ReadSpeaker folks (the forerunners as regards converting texts on sites to voice, back in the year 1999), WebReader is a new service that lets your visitors listen to your page or blog. The system is implemented by adding a button to your site that when clicked upon will read either the whole page or any specific portion that you determined beforehand.


This button can be easily added, as all you have to do is pasting a snippet of HTML or using one of the provided plug-ins. You must also specify the language and choose between a male or female voice to read out your site.

As far as visitors are concerned, they do not need to download or install any plug-in. The site is listenable on the fly, and both desktop users and those who are surfing from a mobile will be able to have your contents read out for them.

At the end of the day, this service can give any site added spark and an enhanced standing by making it accessible to people who have reading disabilities or a related visual impairness. In Their Own Words

“ReadSpeaker webReader, the easiest way to speech enable your website or blog.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool can be used to make any site instantly accessible to a wider public.

Some Questions About

How much do you have to pay in order to implement such a system?


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