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Weardrobe.comWeardrobe allows you to share your clothes and your own personal style without your friends. Upload photos from your computer or directly from Facebook and then tag them as you see fit.


You can tag each individual item of clothing so that people see what you are wearing, where you bought it and why you like it. Others can comment on your selection and perhaps give you advice that your closest friends are uncomfortable telling you. Weardrobe can also be used as a way of organizing your wardrobe so you can keep tabs on what you have in that cluttered closet. Maybe you have so many shoes that you forget about some of them, with Weardrobe you can organize it all. In Their Own Words

Weardrobe is a place to share your clothing and personal style with your friends — it allows you to create an online wardrobe where you can tag clothing, catalogue outfits, and comment on photos. From the striped purple socks that you bought from the Sockman to the couture cashmere sweater that cost half your rent, Weardrobe gives you the freedom to mark your clothes with whatever tag you deem most appropriate. Our catalogue system also allows you to view and tag (and re-tag) all the photos and clothing in both your own and your friend’s profiles.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an original idea that people might enjoy using to organize their wardrobe or for sharing fashion tips with friends. Instead of just looking to fashion magazines to see what’s “in” people could start using this site instead.

Some Questions About

There is no advertising on the site and it is free to join so the obvious question is “what is their business model”. Also, it’s a fun idea but will people really be intrigued enough to upload their pictures to another social networking site. They will need to be pretty innovative or they will risk becoming a gimmick that people don’t adopt.


Author : Caroline Bright

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