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Twittorati.comTwittorati combines two entities that are more or less the air you breathe if you move in the industry: Twitter and the Blogosphere (more precisely Technorati). The site lets you see how active are the bloggers featured there when it comes down to tweeting.


In addition to having access to the latest tweets, you can visualize the pictures that are being talked about the most on the section that goes by the respective name. Furthermore, you can always see the current Technorati trends, both in the shape of recurrent tags and Twitter hashtags.

Any of the featured bloggers tweets in a style not that dissimilar to the style he usually uses for writing. His tweets also showcase the topics he is known for. That is nothing surprising. I consider a site like this one a good companion or reference point to each individual blog itself, and to the blogosphere as a whole. There will be no big revelations here if you pay the site a visit. Just interaction in a context that is a bit different. In Their Own Words

“Top blogs on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is always interesting to see the blogosphere and the twitterverse cross paths, even if the results are nothing that will leave you pondering on what you saw.

Some Questions About

What updates are forthcoming?


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