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Sueeasy.comThe United States already leads the world in zany lawsuits that often result in million dollar windfalls. Sueeasy.


com has been helping Americans find legal advice and the right lawyer for quite some time now but their newest addition takes things a step further. The Class Actions section of the site is currently in beta and it allows people to search through a substantial database of emerging class action suits and to join the suit if they feel they have a case. The site hopes to make it even easier for masses of people to join together and sue corporate America. So, if you spilled hot coffee on your lap while driving or tripped over the “Caution, Wet Floor” sign and sprained your ankle, maybe you can find other victims in a similar situation, join forces and make sure that justice is served. In Their Own Words

“SueEasy is a platform for you to simplify the lawsuit process. We are here to help you find the best in legal help with the least amount of hassles. Simply lodge your grievance and let us help you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By making it even easier to file a class action suit SueEasy will probably succeed in further bogging down an already stretched US judicial system. Whether you agree with it or not, SueEasy will probably do very well for themselves.

Some Questions About

Do Americans need a site that will almost certainly help to increase the number of ridiculous law suits currently being disputed? Will the emergence of such a site finally help the American public to start asking serious questions about how the legal system should be altered to discourage rather than encourage these types of endeavors?


Author : Caroline Bright

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