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SpeedSudoku.comAs its name implies, Speed Sudoku is a new online resource that is geared towards those who are keen on the popular puzzle game. Playing alone is fine but it can get a bit repetitious, and that is why a resource such as this one has a charm of its own.


Becoming a member of this online community is free, and upon doing so you can start challenging other players from around the world. As you start winning games you will gain notoriety and move up the ranks.

Of course, community members can interact among themselves using the provided forums, and there is also a shop where Speed Sudoku merchandise can be procured should the fancy take you.

Although the site is free to join, note that premium accounts are available for those who would like to have a more personalized experience. Features of these premium accounts include a deluxe rank icon and the possibility to create password-protected private games. In Their Own Words

“Solving newspaper sudoku puzzles daily can get a bit lonely and routine. Ever wonder if you could be a sudoku champion? Then you’ll love Speed Sudoku – the new multiplayer online sudoku game. At Speed Sudoku, we’ve taken your favorite puzzle to the next level and made it fun again. Our unique sudoku races are fast-paced and can pit you against killer sudoku players from around the world. With experience, you’ll improve your times and move up the ranks. What’s more, you’ll get to interact with opponents from all over the world and become part of our exciting web community. It’s free to play, so what are you waiting for? Register now!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sudoku enthusiasts with a taste for competition will find the site highly appealing. The website also has all the necessary social features like game chat, the wall, friends, chatrooms and a forum so a community can grow out of it.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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