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Skritter.comWhile it is true that learning the Chinese writing system (and any writing system that employs a different alphabet, for that matter) is a tricky task because of the amount of information that you must apprehend, it is also a fun and exciting process. Moreover, the web has several resources that make such an endeavor more viable, and the one being discussed right now does exactly that.


In essence, Skritter lets you learn new characters and words, and it enables you to do so in the most straightforward way of all. As it is pointed out online, when it comes to learning 10,000 characters (the amount you will have to master eventually in order to fully communicate) walking or running is not enough – you must fly. And quite quickly, too.

As a result, Skritter is a solution that aims to make such a process a dynamic one. It combines flashcards with a cognitive method whereby the program tracks your progresses and gives you immediate feedback, as well as introducing new words when it deems you are ready to pick them up.

In last place, note that during the current beta period Skritter can be tried out for free, so that if you want to see whether it flies or falls for yourself, now it is the right time to do so. In Their Own Words

“Skritter isn’t the only thing you’ll need to learn Chinese. Nothing can replace conversational practice, and it’s very helpful to have a teacher or a textbook, too. But practicing characters is done alone, and Skritter is the most efficient way to do it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A task as difficult as learning the Chinese writing system is made easier by such a flexible solution.

Some Questions About

How much will it cost once the existing beta period ends?


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