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SizeMeUpOnline.comOnline shopping just got a lot easier, with the launch of Size Wand, a free service to help you order the correct clothing size when shopping on the web. At SizeMeUpOnline.


com, you “share your closet” by submitting information about clothes you already own that fit well. A simple step-by-step guide takes you through the process – you tell Size Wand the type of clothing item, material, brand, size, relative fit, and if available, the style name, style number and RN number. The guide shows you examples of clothing tags so you know which numbers to enter. The program works best if you share items from your closet that are made by “preferred brands” – common clothing lines that Size Wand knows the most about. Preferred brands range from Hanes to Abercrombie & Fitch to Lane Bryant to Juicy Couture, so no matter your clothing taste or budget, you likely have at least a few preferred brand items in your closet.
Once you’ve shared your closet, Size Wand will be by your side as you clothes shop online. The program will integrate itself with retailers’ own pages, so wherever you browse, Size Wand will automatically suggest your size for any items for which it can provide an accurate recommendation. This part of the site is not live yet, but users can share their closets now and register to be notified as soon as the full site launches. Monthly prizes (like an iPod Nano or shopping spree) encourage users to give Size Wand a try, and to invite friends to join via email or Facebook. In Their Own Words

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could just click a button and instantly find your size in any item of clothing? This magic button is on its way, and we call it Size Wand!
Size Wand will soon enable you to find your correct size for new clothing purchases with ease. Simply enter your size in one or more articles of clothing that you know fits you well, and Size Wand instantly finds your size in any item you wish to purchase. Seamlessly integrated with individual product pages on retailer’s sites, Size Wand has been designed from the ground up to be in sync with how people actually shop. No size chart. No tape measure. No hassle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Size Wand is getting favorable media attention, with sites like among those who have published reviews. It’s hard to judge how helpful the service will be until it goes live, but if it works effectively, Size Wand could revolutionize online clothes shopping and could probably give online consumers a lot more confidence when buying clothing. This site also aims to sell their data to apparel retailers, who might pay big bucks for information on how to better serve consumers.

Some Questions About

The overall appearance of this page could use a little more life. It’s clean and simple, but lacks the color and kick you’d expect from a site for clothes shopping fanatics. Could develop a mobile application so that you could buy clothing at the mall without having to bother with the fitting room?


Author : Charly Zaks

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