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ShowMeDo.comShowMeDo is the place to go if you’re looking to learn about free and open source, programming languages and tools for web developing greatness. Unlike other screencast sites, ShowMeDo covers a wide range of topics.


Learn about Python, Java, Perl, Linux, graphics, office skills, and a lot more. There’s even a screencast section dedicated to beginner programmers. Tutorials are available for all ranges of programmers from beginner to advanced. There’s a YouTube like interface. You can view the most popular videos, or the most voted, most commented and most viewed; bookmark them, and submit your own. ShowMeDo offers plenty of tools to make you a better programmer. In Their Own Words

“Kyran observed that learning-by-watching was a very powerful technique and one that the Internet hadn’t exploited (back in 2005). Ian and Kyran teamed up to create a site where knowledgeable people could share their knowledge via video and things have kept on growing since then.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ShowMeDo promotes community. It lets people submit their own screencasts and has the masses decide what’s good and what’s not, like Digg or YouTube.

Some Questions About

Will ShowMeDo’s Digg-like model make the quality of the screencasts suffer? Are the tutorials comprehensive and easy to understand? How will it stand up to competition?


Author : Bruce Turner

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