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QuitJuice.comGiving up the cigs is hardly the kind of thing a person does on his own. That is the kind of task which needs the constant support and encouragement of family and friends, acting as a reminder of the rightness of what is being done, and that the prize at the end of it all will justify the struggle. And if you have no person in your life who could play that role, then that is no reason to worry. This new service is here to fill in that empty space.


Essentially, QuitJuice is a platform that will send you daily reminders to stop smoking via SMSes, voice messages and emails. These reminders will include both facts about how damaging smoking is, and tips for succeeding in your mission.

In the end, a service like QuitJuice can but provide people who need some encouragement to cut a damaging habit short with all it takes to start slipping into a more positive frame of mind. Like all motivational platform, it deserves not to go unnoticed. In Their Own Words

Stop smoking with SMS, voice and email messages.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give people who need some encouragement to stop smoking all the prodding they could need to get going.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost? Which payment methods are supported?


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