search cancel – An Alternative For Self-organizing Yourself“Turn your desktop into a noteboard” is the tagline of this new initiative, and that is exactly what it does. Essentially, through the site it is possible to put into practice a series of notes which can be added to your desktop in order to organize your ideas.


These notes include a title and a content section, and file and Internet links can be easily added in order to retrieve data in a straightforward manner. Furthermore, all the Internet links are converted into Webarchives, so that you won’t lose vital information in the event that the source changes or is permanently deleted.

Multiple projects can also be created, and you can see the status for each project in an instant fashion. Old projects can likewise be archived and reactivated whenever you wish.

This solution is provided at a price which is described online, and (as it was to be expected) you can always have a taster via the provided trial version. This can be downloaded by following the link which is featured. In any case, demos that showcase the finer points of this application are included, so that one way or the other you will have a good appreciation of the services on offer. In Their Own Words

“Turn your desktop into a noteboard.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible tool that does its job with correction.

Some Questions About

Are there different plans available?


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