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ProtoShare.comProtoshare is a tool that makes it possible for a team to collaborate in real time during the different phases of a website’s development. Using the provided system, team members can review the progress made so far and come up with timely ideas and feedback.


This is achieved via clickable wireframes and creative reviews. The former is a term that refers to wireframes that showcase the navigation of the site via dynamic menus and a drag & drop system that lets anybody arrange components onto a canvass and resize and position them. For its part, the expression “Creative reviews” alludes to creative components that can be uploaded for the rest of the team to review and comment upon.

Protoshare is actually a browser-based application. This means that no software has to be installed in order to use it, and that the team can collaborate from any place where there is an Internet connection. Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, whereas supported systems include both PC and Mac.

The application also enables the users to have multiple projects at the same time. What’s more, templates can be reused for additional convenience, and specifications can be exported.

You can sign up for any of the featured plans online. These include “Team”, “Network” and “Enterprise”. Every plan comes complete with a free 30 day trial period. In Their Own Words

“ProtoShare is the only tool that enables your entire team to collaborate in real-time during all phases of website development. Team members can review work and provide timely feedback, ideas, and suggestions on clickable wireframes or creative content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes the best out of the power for long-distance collaborations inherent to the Internet.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit when it comes to multiple projects? What features will be added in future releases?


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