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PaperFeeds.comPaper Feeds is a service that lets you subscribe to a hard copy of your favorite feeds from all over the Internet. Such a service will be great for storing the posts by these bloggers who come up with content almost worthy of Oscar Widle, and ensuring that these will be accessible even if the blog disappears from the surface of the Internet.

Of course, something like PaperFeeds can also be used directly by bloggers that want to revel in their successes. They can have a hardcopy of their posts created and put on prominent display, or given as a present to others.

Bloggers are actually invited to submit their own feeds to Paper Feeds, so that they can be included in the featured database. This database is obviously browseable in more ways than one. And each time an article that is featured there is printed, an income is being generated and directed straight to the blogger. So, bloggers get to make money from their online content in a different (and effortless) way. In Their Own Words

Create and subscribe to a hard-copy magazine of your favorite feeds!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets readers ensure their favorite content will always be accessible, and bloggers earn some additional money for doing what they have always done.

Some Questions About

How many pages can you print at once?