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P2Pspot.comP2Pspot is a service that allows college students to exchange textbooks, find roommates and trade video games with their peers. You can create listings visible to all users, a network of schools, or just your school.


Users can even add friends to keep track of their listings.

P2Pspot mashes together different technology in order to provide these services. It uses the Amazon API to apply images and autofill entries for textbooks and video games listings, Google Maps to show several housing listings all in the same window and has the option to send text messages to sellers when someone buys their item. In that sense, communication among parties is fully accounted for.

The aim of the site is simplifying the trading of textbooks and related items between peers, and ultimately let anybody save not only time but also money. Students everywhere are more than likely to appreciate such a service being available at no cost at all. If you are one, head straight to the site and have a look for yourself. In Their Own Words

“Connect, exchange, SAVE.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let students manage their budgets more efficiently by enabling them to cut on costs that can be avoided.

Some Questions About

Will the site eventually branch out and support other territories?


Author : Charly Zaks

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