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Netdisaster.comDo you want to have fun? Are you wondering what is about? Well, just visit this site and find on it an easy desktop application you can download for free and use to virtually destroy your PC desktop. In addition, this site can provide you with a code to destroy your own website.


Interested? Browse through Net Disaster and download the PC desktop wallpapers to use on your computer. Create your own website and have fun destroying it with this easy to use application. Choose the disaster you want, like gun, life forms, nature, home, and dirty disasters to destroy your own site.

With you can enjoy for free of this PC application tool to destroy your computer desktop. Note that this is an easy to use virtual application, and self-repair will be conducted. Download from the desktop application, and learn how to destroy your own site. In Their Own Words

\”Netdisaster has won a Yahoo! Search Award as Best Innovative Website of the Year 2005.\”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You gotta see it to believe it. Apparently a ton of people found it award wining, so check it out.

Some Questions About

Why did a gun not show up on ? Are there restrictions?


Author : Bruce Turner

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