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MySites.comMySites is a free portal that allows users to create their own customizable website without requiring any programming knowledge whatsoever. You can pick a skin and organize it however you like and then upload up to 10GB of content which can be in practically any format.


This is an ideal solution for artists looking to share their portfolios or videos with the people that they choose or for travelers looking for an alternative to a blog for keeping friends and family back home up-to-date. You can choose who gets to see your site and decide whether to make it viewable to the whole community or just your friends and family. Finally, MySites is fully mobile ready, meaning that people can check out your site from anywhere. In Their Own Words

“Create a real website: skin and organize it the way you want put anything you want from anywhere online. No need to know how to program. No bills”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a popular way for groups of people to share video and comments together. Think of this site as allowing you to create your own group network without having to share with the whole world.

Some Questions About

This is definitely a cool idea but how will they market it to ensure that they acquire a critical mass of people in a short period of time?


Author : Caroline Bright

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