search cancel Helping You Plan Your Party Helping You Plan Your PartyAre you the type of person who prefers to be a guest at a party instead of the party planner? If you are you definitely aren’t alone, planning a party is not an easy task. You must think of everything from the theme, to the guest list to the location.


MyInvites wants to help party planners by giving them a site where they can find tools to help them organize their party planning endeavors. The invitation making feature is the core part of the site. To make your invitations you can choose from a large selection of designs. After you have picked a design you can fill in the details of the party, time, location, dress code, etc… Then you send your invitations to your guests and all is history. Some of the other very useful features are the toolbox and photo gallery. The toolbox helps you outline a budget, choose a theme, and keep a to do list. Once the party is over you can save your photos in the gallery section. MyInvites also helps you brainstorm venues, gift bags, party supplies and other parts of planning a party that can be easy to forget. Make planning your party easy and fun by going to MyInvites. Helping You Plan Your Party In Their Own Words

“The idea for myinvites was hatched out of frustration.
We loved getting together with our favourite people but we didn’t love the hassle that often comes with being the organiser. We wanted a simple and easy way to plan events and send out great looking invitations online.
At work we had Outlook to keep organised. We did our banking online, our shopping online and booked our holidays online… but when it came to inviting our friends to things we still battled through making our own invitations with clip art or sending tedious email or text invites that just didn’t do our do’s any justice.
We jumped online and searched for an online invitations site that could help with our planning and we just couldn’t find any.
We thought that there must be other people out there like us. So we asked a bunch of people whether they’d love to be able to send online invitations in fun, quirky and stylish designs and a way to manage all of their RSVP’s and event plans and photos online and they said “Absolutely”.
So we got to work. is the first of it’s kind in Australia. It’s a social planning site for people who already have friends. We’re not about meeting your long lost love online, or networking online with people who have the same kinky interests as you – we’re about making getting together with your real, non virtual friends easier and more fun.
myinvites is a tool we’d hate to live without. We hope you grow to love it too.”

Why Helping You Plan Your Party It Might Be A Killer

The MyInvites site is well organized and all of the categories and features are easy to find on the homepage. The introductory video is very fun and definitely sends out the general idea of the site, plan and party. It is great that MyInvites goes beyond most invitation sites and provides useful tools for party planners. Quite honestly there is a lot of planning that goes into having a party and the invitations are only one step. MyInvites helps party planners remember all facets of planning a party.

Some Questions About Helping You Plan Your Party

It would be nice if MyInvites had more of a community feel with public photo galleries and forums where users could share party ideas and tips. There are many invitation sites how will MyInvites deal with all of the competition? Helping You Plan Your Party


Author : Charly Zaks

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