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MyBikeNumber.comQuite an ingenious system, My Bike Number is here to let you ensure your bike will be as protected from any calamity as possible. You see, through the site it is possible to register a bike (IE, yours) and its every component in order to receive a code that you proceed to append as a sticker.


From that point onwards, your bicycle will become traceable all over the world, since the sticker that you have added can be read using mobile devices.

Obviously, such a system does not actually lowers the risk of something bad happening to your bike all the way to zero, but it does give you a slight assurance that your mode of transportation is somehow protected. Unless the one who lays a hand on it is savvy enough to tear the sticker away, that’s it. But I guess that finding the best spots for the sticker to reside in is a mere matter of imagination, and finding the perfect spot is also part of the fun.

Note that this service is wholly free, and it is intended to remain like that, too. It is quite likely that some paid features will be added at a later date, but the basic service is remaining inexpensive. In Their Own Words

“ is a free service to register your bicycle and components world-wide or search for these!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bicycles are more than just a mean for having some fun – they are a vital work tool for many. Something like this goes some way into protecting them.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to register other vehicles like this? Are there sites providing that service?


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