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Musicane.comAny struggling musician will tell you; they key to success lies in networking. First, you tell your friends, then they tell their friends, and so on, and if you’re music is truly good, then you’re on your way.


Musciane is a new service that helps you expedite this process; musicians can create an account (for free), create a custom store, and upload their content. Transactions are not done on the Musicane site itself; users must embed the Musicane widget on their websites or profile pages. From there, you can share your store with your contacts and have them purchase your content with PayPal or by credit card. In turn, these fans cans share your music with new people and receive a cut of the profit if someone chooses to buy something. In Their Own Words

“Buy, share, and sell the content you love! Musicane is a tool that enables artists to sell their music, video, and ringtones from any site that allows you to embed flash.

That means you can use your website, or profile page to sell your content. Put your musicane store in the places online that your fans visit the most”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Musicane could be an invaluable tool for helping the starving artists start raking in some cash. The widget feature makes it easy for anyone interested in your music to purchase it directly instead of visiting an external site, and buyers receive extra incentive to spread the word, as they receive a commission from all secondhand sales. Hopefully, these perks will be enough to boost Musicane up the charts.


It’s unclear how much or how little the site itself makes from each sale, if any. If it does make a profit, how does this affect how much the artist receives or secondhand seller receive?


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