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KitchenMonki.comDo you like to eat? Well, this site’s creators like to cook and give you the chance to eat better and learn about a wide variety of ingredients you will find curious and delicious. Kitchen Monki will allow you to save time and money by the use of an interesting solution to whet your appetite.


Since this site is all about food and recipes, it will give you the opportunity to use your iPhone in order to catalogue and organize all these in a very simple way. Kitchen Monki can be described as a digital home where you can store all your recipes no matter the sources they come from. In addition to other benefits this solution is the right one when it comes to sharing your recipes among your friends.

This site’s features are also comparable to Facebook because they make possible for you to meet new friends-of-friends depending on the kind of food you like. Forget about re-writing your grocery list before going to the store and use this site’s benefits at In Their Own Words

“We built Kitchen Monki to be a hard-core productivity tool. Use it to organize your own recipes. Use it to share recipes among your friends. Or our favorite, use it to automate grocery list preparation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will help people to store their favorite recipes in a very simple way and meet new friends.

Some Questions About

Is there any other service being provided by this company?


Author : Paul Barker

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