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Jobreapr.comJobreapr is a search engine with a twist. It will let you find people who are willing to do any job that you have in mind, and who have already set down the price that they are going to charge. There will be no need to ask how much the job would cost. You will always know that from the very beginning. Needless to say, that will save a lot of time and the comings and goings when trying to get a better price. On Jobreapr, there is nothing to negotiate. You either go for the person you have found, or keep on looking for another one.


The jobs that people post on Jobreapr are of very different nature, but I seemed to perceive that a very large number revolved around social media. For example, I saw quite a handful of posts from people who offered to promote any brand or product on Twitter for a fiver. I also saw another in which the person offered to leverage his network and instruct his friends to comment positively on any video or review found online. And prices tended to be mostly under a tenner, although I understand from what I saw that you can actually charge up to $ 1000 for your services. In Their Own Words

Fixed price job search engine.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you hate bargaining with people, this marketplace will be perfect for you. Here, everything is crystal clear from the very beginning.

Some Questions About

What kind of job is worth $ 1000?


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