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Groubal.comYou know how the old saying goes: “United we stand, divided we fall”. And there are fewer sites that bring such a universal truth to mind than this one.


It is named Groubal, and its aim is to let consumers build alliances and fight for what is right by creating online petitions. If we were to compare it with another site, we couldn’t – there is nothing else like it currently available. We could, however, say that it is a sort of amalgamation of sites like Yelp and Consumer Report

The way this site works means that if you feel that you were treated unfairly at an airport (IE, they kept you waiting there for four hours and they did not compensate you in any way) or if you think the fees that your bank is charging are abusive then all you have to do is head straight to Groubal and create a post. There, you will have the opportunity to explain what has happened and leverage your already-existing social contacts (IE, Twitter, Facebook…) in order to demand an action be taken to right the wrong that was inflicted.

In this way, Groubal is poised to become the first advocacy platform for US consumers to create petitions and recruit the help of others. The concept is quite interesting, and it will be worth watching out for similar sites that might surface in other countries. In Their Own Words

“A groubal is a corporate complaint formatted in a petition-like post that once created, can be shared by you to your friends and contacts anywhere via You can now forget about the time you use to spend on customer service calls, the groubal team groups popular complaints and calls on corporations to listen and change accordingly. Sometimes this change comes about through updated policy and at other times groubal will leverage the power of numbers and negotiate group buying programs on behalf of their users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It empowers ordinary men and women to stand up against the injustices inflicted upon them by any part of the system.

Some Questions About

How long would it take for something like this to be mirrored elsewhere?


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