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GPSies.comAre you into trekking and running? Do you want to know exactly where you are running? Go to and take a look at the tracks that have been recorded by GPS devices.


Using the google map you can enter your destination, which can be anywhere, it is a global site, and find trails. If there are many, many trails in one location instead if seeing all the trails there will be an icon that represents them all. You can choose to search for a specific type of trail, such as biking, riding, or moto trail. There are trails for different sports, such as jogging, bike racing and skating. Klaus Bechtold, a running enthusiast, thought of the idea for this site to make finding trails much easier. You can look for a specific trail or browse by sport or location for trails that are already listed. Visit so you don’t get lost while making a trek. In Their Own Words

“With GPSies you can view and download tracks which have been recorded by a GPS device. Whether you are searching for running courses or Mountain Bike Tracks, with GPSies you can see what Tracks others have recorded. And you can download all the Tracks and put them onto your GPS device so you won’t lose your way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When you look at new tracks you have a profile of the track. The profile includes a google map visual, a description, contact info for more information, activity suitable for, terrain description, length, altitude range, total ascent and total descent. There is also a cool graph of the distance and altitude. The profile gives you a great summary of all you would need to know before deciding to make the trek.

Some Questions About

There are other sites that give you information on trails and sport activities such as How will deal with other competing sites. could add some more Web 2.0 features so that users could communicate about their experiences and give each other advice.


Author : Charly Zaks

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