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Filmaps.comAre you a bit of a film aficionado? If that is so, you are more than likely to find a visit to this site worth your while. Filmaps collects together information as regards where movies were shot.


This information can be accessed in two different ways, as you can carry out searches by movie and by location.

This information is presented by way of a Google Map, and all the usual navigation features are fully functional. Moreover, if several movies were shot in the same location you will visualize it on the spot. For example, by viewing a location such as the Eiffel Tower you will instantly come across pictures like “A View To A Kill”, “French Kiss” and “Angel-A”. In every case, if you click on the provided film poster you will see the details.

On the other hand, if you have information that is missing from the site it is possible to put it forwards by means of the existing “Add a new movie” button. This way, if the place you live in is underrepresented you can set about rectifying the situation.

All in all, this new resource is bound to keep film lovers more than thrilled. If you deem yourself as one, a trip to this site is worth undertaking. In Their Own Words

“Share and discover film locations.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can’t be argued that film adepts will take an immediate liking to this resource, as it places information in a dynamic and entertaining setting.

Some Questions About

How many movies are already featured as part of the online database?


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