search cancel – Custom RSS Newspaper – Custom RSS NewspaperWhile the concept isn’t entirely new, is a very creative site.


With it, you’ll be able to create an online newspaper of sorts, using your favorite RSS feeds. While the RSS junkie might look at this as a sort of trend (using a Feed Reader is a lot more productive, average internet users will find this very interesting. The “newspaper” format looks great, as the feeds are formatted to fit in and between the advertising, making it look like a real newspaper. The feeds are divided into different categories, making it easier to sort through your many different themed feeds.

The site claims to be in the beta stage, but you can sign up and invite up to ten friends. Some of the features are nice, but more sharing would prove valuable. If they can incorporate some features found on readers (like sharing on Google Reader), they might be onto something. – Custom RSS Newspaper In Their Own Words

“Create and customize your own personal newspaper using feeds from your favorite sites; from the New York Times to Digg”

Why – Custom RSS Newspaper It Might Be A Killer

It’s creative, and it looks great. Users should have a great time putting together their “newspaper”.

Some Questions About – Custom RSS Newspaper

Will people like this? Why not just use a reader? – Custom RSS Newspaper


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